How to Earn Money With AlloFlare

By signing up to become an Allo Star member, which follows an affiliate marketing model, you can earn a passive income by promoting AlloFlare.

AlloFlare offers one of the highest (if not the highest) percentage of each membership sales we receive when compared to other affiliate programs.

In addition, unlike other programs, as your referred person keeps their membership active, you will keep earning the percentage from that payment, providing you with a passive income.

There are many reasons why people would want to join AlloFlare, which includes building their brand within a community of fashion/beauty enthusiasts and professionals, contact new suppliers or professionals in the industry, create events to bring people to bric and mortars or to simply connect with like minded people in person, post their own products/services on the marketplace, be inspired by member’s posts, and most importantly, enjoy the feeling of belonging.

And of course, they will be able to earn a passive income just like you. And if you are still hesitant about inviting others, don’t forget that they will love being in the platform just like you, they won’t mind an invitation and might even be impressed by you already being there.

So how can you start taking advantage of this program and earn this income? By using one of our creatives that we provide though our Allo Star Member Home. When the person you invite clicks on your link and purchases a membership, the percentage of that sale will be added to your revenue and we pay our members every time they have accumulated $30 with us.

And this is how we reward you for your efforts and promotion.

If you still need any clarification about how this works, don’t forget to check out our FAQ page.

And to further help you with that promotion, below are some ideas that you can use to attract people to our platform and help you increase your revenue:


  • Provide exclusive content that can only be seen at AlloFlare

A great way to refer your audience and inspire them to join is by creating exclusive content that your audience can have access if they join the platform.

By doing that, you are not only helping the community grow, but you are also channeling your most important followers who are genuinely interested in the content you create. Once they are in the platform, you can create groups to better interact with your followers.

  • Offer your audience discount codes

Very often we provide our Allo Star Members with discount codes that you can use to attract your audience.

These discount codes are super exclusive and are only available to you and your audience and for a limited time only, so don't forget to let your prospective members know!

  • Offer giveaways

By offering free exclusive content or gifts to your audience after they join, you will be creating a connection with the people who clearly have an interest in what you have to offer.

This is an opportunity for you to not only earn money through AlloFlare, but you can also use this giveway as an opportunity to build an email list by taking advantage of a personal landing page, for example.

  • Offer it to your already existing mailing list

Already have a considerable mailing list? Why not offer it to the people on your list and add your affiliate link to the body of the email.

In this email, you can explain all the benefits that the platform offers to those working or interested in fashion/beauty, as well as how they can earn money too.

  • Whenever you can, add your affiliate links to your content

Whether it's in your blog, or in the caption of the photos/videos you share on social media - the more you spread the word and facilitate the joining process by directing people to your link, the higher are your chances of turning those viewers into members.

  • Provide a review of the platform

Whether you create a video showing how they can use the platform, its benefits to those interested or working in fashion, or even how they can earn money too, you are directly marketing the platform to your audience and this is one of the most efficient ways of turning them into paying members by harnessing their trust on your content.

So why not create a video with the title "How you can make money sleeping through AlloFlare" to attract all of those fashion enthusiasts out there.

  • Read other online resources on how you can make money through affiliate links

Finally, don't hesitate to teach yourself different methods that others have been using to earn money though affiliate links.

One of the big names in online marketing is Neil Patel, so don't forget to read/watch some of his advice on this matter. You can read one example here.


We hope to see your success! ⭐